Day one summary

Our first day was massively dramatic... We are running dead last, we lost over 1hr in the stages due to dramas! Anyway, here is a quick summary of the day,

* SS1 - Nosed over a bank at 17km. 20 Norgegian spectators pushed the car several metres back up the bank (never give up attitude, was fantastic, we have it on vidoe!!) onto the road (loosing 15mins). The only damage was we had was a bent intercooler pipe, which cost us another 30mins trying to get the car out of the stage! The car wouldn't run properly. Lots of carnage, 6 cars rolled or crashed in there.

* SS2 - Shite, car running terrible.

* SS3,4,5,6 - Car running good, still learning, stage times ok. Got caught in many spectator traffic jams, very frustrating. We were running last car on the road, and most stages the snow had been swept off the road, so we were running on gravel. Stages are similar to Otago, lots of crests... except they are snowy and icy!

* SS7 - Awesome road, good snow base, time was ok.

* SS8 - Getting some confidence now... some snow banks are friendly... some aren't... we found an unfriendly one... lost another 20mins digging ourselves out!!

We are still in the rally, but due to the time lost we are a long way behind. Hopefully get some good stage times tomorrow!!